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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Welcome to Pompano Springs HOA

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Meet the HOA Board Members

Eric Tannenbaum-President

Gary Caccaviello-Vice President

Cekala Holness-Secretary 

Tangee Simon-Treasurer 

Linda Celestine- Board Member

Freddy Garcia- Board Member 

Rabin Singh-Board Member

HOA Hearing Committee

Leon Borders

Bob Barron

Lorette Terry


Common Violations

While the look of our community has improved significantly from where it was a year and a half ago there is still much work to do.  Key areas to look at for your hame are:

  • High volume of dead grass and weeds in yard
  • Paint dirty, faded or chipped
  • Stains or broken driveways
  • Broken lights
  • Missing trees or plants 
  • Over grown plants
  • not cleaning up after your pets. Video proof is recommended to send to EPM and Animal Control.    

Mailboxes and Posts

Some of you may have received violation notices regarding your mailboxes and posts.  In many cases it may be a shared post with your neighbor so you will need to work with them for post related issues.  If it requires replacing we now have a source for the posts.   Please contact us through our management company EPM by getting in-touch with  our property manager.  If just the mail box requires changing those can be sourced from Home Depot or Lowes.  Just make sure you have the approved type or it will need to be changed.  Colors are white only.  We also have had broken off arms on the post repaired.  One welder that has done this is Richard Dewan 786-512-0555 or use who ever you like.

Painting Your Home

As a reminder you must paint your home with the same colors that are currently on your home.  Any variance requires an approved ARC form from the HOA.  You can contact EPM to get the Sherwin Williams paint codes for your home or see the Home Painting colors tab on this site.  If you paint with a non standard color or change colors without approval you will be painting again to correct.  Remember Ask before Action. 



Please remember to pressure wash the side sidewalks along your property when they turn black.  This may be required 2-3 times per year.  Corner homes need to do this on the front and side.   

Trash Day Schedule


Grey Receptacle 

  • Wednesday
  • Saturday

Bulk Pickup

Must be out by 7am...Truck comes very early

  • Wednesday only


Blue Receptacle

  • Saturday

No items should be placed at the curb before 6pm the day before pickup.  All receptacles need to be stored the evening of pickup. 


We would like to thank everyone for their patience. 

*Grass is cut EVERY 2 weeks on Thursday...Be sure to turn off sprinklers!

*BLT will be here to cut grass:

Thursday June 15

Weed control spread Friday June 16

(In mulch beds)

Depending on weather!


  • Note: If the cut is rained out it will occur on the next weekday.  If it will be longer, the date will be changed on the site.

Please have your fence gates open on days of cuts, or the backyard will be passed for that cut.

Reminder to water your lawn at least 2 times a week depending on rain

Pompano Springs Approved Home Colors




Natural Grey   (We have a source for these)                   


Scheme 1                                                                             

Body: SW 6099 Sand Dollar                                              

Accent (shutters & front door): SW 6328 Fireweed

Accent (trim, quoins, & garage door): SW 6098 Pacer White                          


Scheme 2                                                                              

Body: SW 6112 Biscuit                                                       

Accent (shutters & front door): SW 6193 Green

Accent (trim, quoins, & garage door): SW 6113 Interactive Cream                                                    


Scheme 3                                                                              

Body: SW 7006 Extra White                                                                       

Accent (shutters & front door): SW 6221 Moody Blue

Accent (trim, quoins, & garage door): SW 6379 Jersey Cream


Scheme 4                                                                              

Body: SW 6379 Jersey Cream                                                      

Accent (shutters & front door): SW 6321 Red Bay

Accent (trim, quoins, & garage door): SW 7006 Extra White


Scheme 5     (New)                                                            

Body: SW 6261 Swanky Gray                                               

Accent (shutters & front door): SW 6943 Intense Teal

Accent (trim, quoins, & garage door): SW 7656 Rhinestone



Owners may change one accent color in any of these schemes with ARC approval prior to painting.


If you are choosing a new color scheme for your home check the home to the left and right of you.  You may not use their body color on your home. 


If you wish to propose a completely new body and accent color scheme that will need to go through board and ARC review and adoption.

If you wish to see what any of these colors look like from google search type in Sherwin Williams and the color number then enter.  



NOTE: To paint your home in a different color approved color scheme you need to submit an Architectural Modification form to the Management Company and wait for the approval of the Architectural Committee. Doing any modifications to the exterior of your home without the previous approval of the Committee will result in a violation and could end in a fine. 


Have a question or suggestion?

You May Call Exclusive Property Management 954-969-1330 or send us a note online via the form below

Helpful Numbers:

  • BSO Non-Emergency                     954-764-4357
  • Exclusive Property Management 954-969-1330
  • Animal Control                                954-786-4027